Transferable Training

The more neurological pathways we build allows us to do more… from swimming to playing soccer, from Olympic high jump to boxing. The more connections we have established in our complex neuro-network… our brain, the more breathtaking our athletic achievements will be!

Does your training challenge your current capabilities?

Training should encompass all fascists of fundamentals of athletic movement… mobility, flexibility, rhythm, co-ordination and stability. Not until you master all of the fore mentioned will you be able to build biomechanical efficiency or useful strength!

How can you design a program that works?

For the purpose of athletic application all strength training should be anchored through the core. Force production and force absorption between the upper and lower extremities should be taken into full consideration when planning training sessions.

Bench pressing makes you better at bench pressing, that’s absolute strength not useful strength. There is a difference between strength you can use on the pitch, court or in the water. Training needs to be transferable! The athletes that I train are trained to make new neurological connections every training session, making their training transferable.

They leave every session that much better, neurologically speaking.

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