Conditioning yourself to be your own source of positive feedback is paramount.

Some of the most successful people in life, in sports are those who truly love what they do and pour all their energy into what they do. Everything they touch seems to glow with that same energy… why is that?

The field of ENERGY is Real.

We tend to notice this ENERGY when walking into a room, we feel a vibe in the air sometimes strong and positive, and others times not so good.

The Etheric field is one of many that surrounds our entire body and can be felt by other people like a heat wave but from a mental and spiritual perspective.

The healthier we are physically and mentally the stronger the field of ENERGY that surrounds us becomes.

Raising our Energy during training allows the training to be more effective, resonating with every cell, tissue, organ and muscle fiber in the body.

Take a positive position during training and feel the difference in your field of ENERGY, and tap into your Adaptive Unconsciousness.

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