From average to great! The secret sauce?

Science tells us that genetics determines your physical makeup like height, eye colour, bone structure and your ability to become a good soccer player like your mother or 100 meter sprinter like your father.

However the study of Epigenetics which means above your genes, says you have more control over your destiny than first believed.

Bruce Lipton is the pioneer of these new studies that tell us we can change our path.

When great athletes dazzle us with an amazing performance we stop and watch in awww.

Was he born to play this sport? Did she always have these talents or were they developed?

Genetically gifted or trained elite?

Some athletes are born with all the right weaponry and others are made!

Yes made, physical attributes play a role but more importantly your dedication and belief have a greater impact on your success in any given sport.

Wether your gifted or passionate about your sport go all in and see the difference a dedicated mindset makes!

Intro to Epigenetics:

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