Training Your Neurological Network

Running, Swimming, Jumping, riding a Bike and playing sports all come from a well trained neurological network, how well you play, run, swim or jump all come from how well you prepared… how well you’ve trained your Brain and body connection?

I left weights so I’m good…?

Your nervous system plays a bigger role in muscle recruitment then lifting weights. An untrained person will not be able to activate all their muscle fibers synergistically because they are not equipped to do so… they don’t train to recruit smaller motor units.

We have small groups of muscle fibers that when trained allow us to make small adjustments in our sport… whether in the pool, on the soccer field or just making a change to your running mechanics. With these neurological networks in place these tweaks come easily. Without the right training it’s very difficult to change or catch-up to your opponent.

Change your training to win or watch your opponent win?

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