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A Message of Motivation and Mindset

As a sports psychologist I use many cognitive behavioural therapy-based methods to motivate and captivate my audience. I have a holistic approach to helping you become the best you can be, I believe in fuelling your body as well as your mind. My goal is to educate others on the importance of mental wellness, and using it to develop your drive, discipline, and performance.
Stay great. - Sly


breaking it down to the basics

Sly is a world class Performance Specialist and Sports Psychologist, he uses his experience and expertise in developing young athletes.

New Mindset, New Outcome

Sly believes in the power of the Mind, not only is this a belief but it’s part of his daily practice and teachings. Sly shows the audience how this can be achieved with clear examples and good instructions. Sly clearly communicates the importance of an integrated approach to wellness and success.

As a Youth leadership Speaker Sly uses his experience working with young Athletes to connect when Speaking to large groups. 


Keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats is his specialty! Sly is the Top HighSchool Leadership Speaker in his region.

“We were very impressed with the way he captured the students attention, which is not an easy task.”

J. Johnston – St. Martins 


"You will walk away a believer."

Sly Walters
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