Anxiety & Confidence

Many times when watching sports we miss the psychology part of the game, for example when we see a baseball player walking up to the plate adjusting the strap on his glove 3 or 4 times before stepping into the batter’s box, or we see Soccer players stepping out of the tunnel on to the pitch making the sign of the cross on their chest or pointing to the sky saying a prayer… is this a routine or some kind of ritual?

Is there a connection between their routine and their performance, or is this a trigger for something else?

Some athletes have pregame rituals or superstition that they believe will increase their chances for better performance.

In many instances these actions are triggers, triggers that allow them to focus on some sensation in that moment. This allows them to narrow their focus, over come anxiety and increase their confidence.

To most people watching this looks like a superstition, but these are not superstitions at all, in fact these are small elements specifically designed to help the athlete in that moment!

This practice takes the crowd out of the game and allow the athlete to enter the zone. Mentally trained athletes can enter a state of “Flow” allowing mind and body connection where thoughts don’t exist, just a state of subconscious existence with positive emotions at play!

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