Sly Walters Mental Performance

one - on - one coaching

Sly Walters Mental Performance

one - on - one coaching


MIND POWER in the field of sports is not a new concept in fact a positive and proactive mental state is strongly associated with success. MIND POWER means we must first think in terms of success before we manifest success. Sports Psychology gives athletes an edge, a well-known phenomenon in instances when physical talent between competitors is equal, it is mind power that makes the difference between winning and losing.

“Sly’s workouts pushes your physical and mental states to where it has not been before”
Raheem Edwards
MLS Chicago Fire

Raheem Edwards

“Working with Sly this offseason has been a pleasure! Within a short period of time he has opened my eyes and has been very helpful. Each session I had with Sly I walked away learning something new about myself from a physical and mental standpoint. Sly is really knowledgeable when it comes to the body and mind… his workouts push your physical and mental state to where it hasn’t been before. He trains you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Thank you Sly for challenging me to push my limits and hitting me with knowledge that I use on a everyday basis not just in sport but life! Raheem Edwards MLS Chicago Fire”

Perry Zorbas

Soccer | South Carolina University

I’ve been training with sly for over 3 years now for soccer. Looking back from the start to now has been an unimaginable transformation. Each session has been a level up from the previous and taught me to fight through the adversity in order to keep leveling up, and throughout each day I’ve not only improved my body but continued to learn how to improve certain aspects of my game mentally, on and off the pitch. Thank you Sly for helping me get to the next level, looking forward to achieving more of my goals within the near future.

Lucas Dias

Sporting CP | U15 Portuguese National Team

Sly’s program is important because it allowed me to realize that I need to always believe in myself even if people around me don’t. By believing in myself I will grow as a soccer player and as a person. Sly taught me that giving up is not an option and to push myself to my limits everyday. He provided me different techniques that help me achieve my goal to become a professional soccer player. Thank you Sly.  You’re the bomb!

Dana Sherrard

Swimming | University of Ottawa

I am a competitive swimmer and have been training with Sly for about six years. For my first three years I worked with Sly multiple times a week and saw myself rapidly grow as an autonomous athlete. I became more motivated and saw direct results in the pool. The following three years I have been away at university but still find myself trying to squeeze in a session or two (or three) whenever I return home to Toronto. I do this because training with Sly is the most mentally and physically challenging workout I have experienced. Each time, after Sly explains the specific workout, I think to myself “how am I supposed to do that?”.  But then Sly reminds me “I can over I can’t” and breaks down each component into an attackable task.  By the end of our workout I’m so proud of myself for having mastered what I once thought beyond my capabilities. So, thank you Sly, for showing me I have no limits, for making me proud of myself, and for causing those really hard workouts to be so much fun and truly desirable.

Malik Smith

University of Arizona |U20 Canadian National Team

Training in your environment helped me out in so many different ways. You pushed my body so much, that the things I use to struggle in, has become so much easier. You’ve also help me have a better mind set and help me learn how to push through things when it gets tuff. Lastly, I’ve been feeling more explosive and agile. Your training methods are very challenging which helps athletes who come to you excel. Also the workouts you do are not really that common, because it focus more on the other muscles and not really for the bigger muscles groups. I feel like that helps me lot over all as well. Overall, I feel that I’ve took a huge step forward after coming to you this summer!